Small parts requiring deburring, edge blending or other surface finishing operations can present particular production challenges to manufacturers. Often production is taken off-stream resulting in reduced productivity and inconsistent product quality.

A miniature deburring brush can solve both the productivity and quality challenges involved when manufacturing parts of various small sizes, contours and materials. Precision Planting, Inc. (Tremont, IL), an industry leader in agricultural seed planting equipment, manufactures a variety of systems that are designed to solve exact seed spacing and placement issues.

“One of our newest systems has tubes that are injection molded, and we had great concern about removing the residual flash that was created by the molding process,” explains Precision Planting engineer Derek Sauder. “It may only be only .002 to .005 in. Using BRM’s miniature brushes have “allowed our products to become the most accurate planting equipment in the market,” he says. “Our product is well-known and has a fine reputation in the marketplace. And this process helps us attain that. It is economical and gives us good results.”

  • +  Never reverse a twisted in wire brush while in the bore. This will result in filament unraveling
  • +  Change the handle–most tube brushes can be manufactured with various handle types. If looped or wooden handles are not providing the proper cleaning, request cutting the handles for power.

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