Tight and lock quickly! Simple to unlock! The popular “Tabane Band” is available in various ways.

Taban band (5 colors / natural rubber)

A mysterious “Tabane band” with a small head and tab. If you pull the head, it will stay tight, just pull the tab to remove it! Long items such as fishing rods can be bundled easily, as well as small items such as cords and stationery. Wins Grand Prix at the “Osaka Gift Show Spring 2016” New Product Contest.

Taban band size:

# 18 × 3mm (Inner diameter: 44.5mm) x 3mm cut width

Folding diameter: 70mm x Cut width: 3mm

Band Thickness : 1.1mm

Quantity : 5 pc per polybag

Color: Pink, Orange, Light Green, Light Blue, White

Please contact us for more product details.

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