Qutto (5 colors / natural rubber)

When you wrap around it, The tail is clearly visible and cute! Put together, make a marker, wrap, close the seal … Enjoy a variety of uses. If you draw your favorite emoji with an oil pen, you will be able to create your own original exclusive product.

A lovely presence that is healed every time you use it. My Quutto is always by my side.

 ■ Size: Cat       
[Length 90.0mm / Width 15.6mm / Ring width 2.0mm / Thickness 1.5mm] 
■ Size: Dog 
[Length 90.0mm / Width 15.9mm / Ring width 2.0mm / Thickness 1.5mm] Rabbit [Length 87.3mm / Width 15.0mm / Ring width 2.0mm / Thickness 1.5mm] 
■ Size: Bear
[Overall length 81.4mm / Full width 15.0mm / Ring width 2.0mm / Thickness 1.5mm] 
■ Number of pieces: 3 
■ Color: Pink / Light blue / White / Milk Tea / Gray 

Use the oily pens to start creating your own work!

Easy to use!

Let’s watch the video now!

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