RPL605 – a complete assortment box for professional work, containing terminals and tools.


• certified crimping tool GSA0760, crimp area 0.5-6 mm2

• stripping tool SCT001, cuts and strips 0.5-6 mm2

• 605 pcs Elpress Pre-insulated terminals 0.5-6 mm2

Price at HK$2000/set


Certified Miniforce tools for symmetrical crimping of pre-insulated terminals 0.5 – 6 mm2


• locking function which only releases once crimping is complete

• clearly marked crimping positions

• ergonomic handle suitable for all users

• supplied with certificate for basic quality monitoring

• can be calibrated if required

• withstands at least 80,000 crimps

• weight 0.664kg

• length x width 220 x 72mm

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