Thermal Pad Thermal Solution 

Thermal Gap Filler – A good helper for thermal conductivity

This is a reliable heat transfer media with good thermal conductivity and low thermal resistance, which is perfectly conform to surface gaps and irregularities to fill the air gaps and conduct heat from a heat source to another surface, or heat sink. Where space exists between two mating surfaces varies, whether from different shapes or rough surface textures, a thermal transfer concern is often present. Available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and thermal conductivity. Thermal Interface Materials offer excellent thermal transfer properties across a wide gap range, and…

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Cable gland 

Ventilation Grade Cable Gland – Your Best Choice

Ventilation Plugs that reduce the adverse affects of humidity in the environment by preventing pressure increase inside the enclosure & limiting temperature increase through air circulation. Prevents damages according to pressure differences. Prevents the formation of water condensation in tightly-sealed standard housings. Advantages of cable gland and pressure balance element combined in one product. Properties of the ventilation membrane stay the same independent of cable diameter and torque. Membrane properties: hydrophobic, oleophobic. High quality strain relief and sealing reliable performance for standard industrial applications. International approvals. This product is so…

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Packaging Rubber band 

OBand-DIY Manual Rubber Band-Qutto

Qutto (5 colors / natural rubber) When you wrap around it, The tail is clearly visible and cute! Put together, make a marker, wrap, close the seal … Enjoy a variety of uses. If you draw your favorite emoji with an oil pen, you will be able to create your own original exclusive product. A lovely presence that is healed every time you use it. My Quutto is always by my side. ■ Size: Cat       [Length 90.0mm / Width 15.6mm / Ring width 2.0mm / Thickness 1.5mm]  ■ Size: Dog [Length 90.0mm / Width 15.9mm / Ring…

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