The crosshatch pattern that the Flex-Hone tool imparts is what your engine needs for better oil retention and piston ring seating and sealing.

Engine cylinders need a substantially smooth surface finish that’s free from cut, torn, and folded metal. Yet cylinder walls can be so smooth that engine performance suffers.

Over time, the up-and-down movement of pistons creates an overly smooth surface finish. Piston rings skate along cylinder walls and fail to seat and seal properly. The “glaze” that forms can also prevent engine oil from adhering properly. 

The solution to these challenges is the Flex-Hone® tool from Brush Research Manufacturing (BRM). This Made in the USA glaze-breaker hone removes burrs, deglazes cylinder walls, and improves surface finish at the same time.

How to Use a Glaze Breaker Hone

Our Flex-Hone® tools require the use of a good-quality honing oil and should be inserted into the bore while the cylinder hone is spinning. For best results, start slowly, increase the RPMs, and exit the bore with the tool spinning. It could achieve the better cross hatch marks and a cleaner cylinder and such cross hatch marks should be about 45 degrees.

To learn more about this application, please contact us for more details.

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