It’s the first open wire marker on the market, available on a reel, ready to print on thermal transfer printers

Its continuous format allows fast printing, with a maximum speed of 500 pcs per minute!

What we supply

PCT marker is available in four different sizes, designed to cover the most popular range of cable diameters (1.2 – 4.0 mm).

The marker was designed with special regard to the terminal block width! When mounted on the cables coming into the terminal blocks, the marker won’t stick out.

A unique structure of the marker makes it really flexible and easy to mount even on bent cables.


Temperature range

-40°C do +90°C

Installation temperature

+5°C do +40°C


Halogen-free, cadmium and silicone-free Marker base: ABS
Text and project field: ZEREX


Thermal transfer, with recommended Partex printer and ribbon.

Standard colours

Żółty – Yellow – white base, yellow text and project field White – white base, white text and project field

Certified and issued to:

UL 94 V2 Flammability Complies with: EN 45545 HL2

Printing Devices

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