Flex-Hone Tool BC / GB / GBD / GBDX series

Brush Research Manufacturing

Bore size from 4mm to 914mm

Abrasive types : Silicon Carbide (SC), Aluminum Oxide (AO), Boron Carbide (BC), Z Grain – Alimina Zirconia No. 1525 (25% Zirconia / 75% Alumina), Levigated Alumina, Diamond, CBN, Ceramic



Flex-Hone® Tool is a resilient, flexible honing tool used to improve the internal surface finish while also being able to deburr a bore or cylinder. It is comprised of abrasive globules laminated onto the ends of flexible nylon filaments. Its unique construction allows the tool to be self-aligning, self- centering and self-compensating for wear. The tool provides the benefit of removing loose, torn

and folded metal and creating a substantially flat or plateau surface. An additional important application for the Flex-Hone Tool is burr removal from cross-drilled holes and slots


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