Anti-Viral Tape

Anti-bacterial and Anti-viral Plaster Coated Adhesive Sheet.

For anti-bacterial and anti-viral measures for doorknobs and handrails.

How it works

In general, virus are basically made up of genetic information ( nucleic acids) and “proteins”. In addition, depending on the type of virus, it has a membrane called the envelope, which is mostly composited of “lipids”.

Antiviral tale which is mainly composed of slaked lime, releases strong alkalinity when in contact with moisture , see above. The alkaline aqueous solution decomposes “lipids and proteins.

Virus is composed of lipids and proteins. When the subtle amount of water droplet on the surface of the antiviral tape becomes highly alkaline, it decomposes “lipids” and “proteins” of the virus and reduces the activity of the virus.

The Virus inactivation test” is not a test of coronaviruses


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